Sunday, June 18, 2006

10 Life's Simple Pleasures

Got tagged by Zen and so I shall respond. Yes, it certainly is something different from the usual lab work. ;)

And here is, my list of

10 Life's Simple PLeasures

1. PLaying Futsal. Had a bad day? Need a break? Need to release stress? Bored to bits? Futsal is the solution. Funny how a certified couch potato like myself would actually fall in love with a sport which actually involved running and sweating. I miss the team, I miss the bonding on and off the pitch, and dammit, I miss the endorphin release after each game! Such great high after each session, especially those night games. Always slept like a baby after that. :)

2. Hoegaarden and my fellow Hoegaarden fans (or Pink Pelican ;P). It doesn't matter if it's 3pm or 9pm. Anytime is Hoegaarden time. Muahaha. Chilling, talking rubbish, laughing like crazy people over the stupidest things, with ice-cold Hoegaarden... these are what memories are made of. Mao visit Halifax!!! ;)

3. Stoning in my room with great music blasting from my speakers. There is freedom in losing yourself in music. From Radiohead to Ashlee Simpson to 80s pop music... as Missy Elliot put it, "Music makes me lose control."

4. Having conversations. It feels great to exchange thoughts and feelings and laughter with people whom you love and share an understanding with. It also feels good to get to know people better, people whom you don't usually talk to and find out something about their lives, about what makes them tick (or not). Everyone has his/her own life story, and I find them fascinating.

5. Watching a good movie. Anything that could make me laugh/cry/laugh AND cry (hehe)/think. From the stupid (Eurotrip, Dude, Where's My Car?, Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle) to 80s teen movies (The Breakfast Club, Say Anything) to the arthouse (Cinema Paradiso) to Fight Club... I must say, I really love movies.

6. Reading a good book. Books have the power to educate and influence. Knowledge is power. Imagination makes life more interesting. Ideas empower. Without books and literacy, one could not progress.

7. Writing in my journal. There always something soothing and cathartic about jotting your thoughts and feelings and sorting them out on paper. It helps give perspective and unclutter your mind.

8. Having a great meal. There's nothing better than to feel gastronomically satisfied. I'm sure many of you would agree. ;) Nasi lemak ayam goreng, nasi kandar, nasi belauk, delicious Thai delicacies... yum yum. Definitely gonna miss M'sian food when I leave. *BURP!* :p

9. Singing in the shower at the top of my lungs. Nothing beats the acoustics in the bathroom, people. Great way to release stress too, hehe.

10. Laguna Beach/The Hills/The O.C./House MD/Lost/American Idol. I love American television. Muahaha.

As thus ends my top 10 list. And now I shall tag:

a) Zhi Yi
b) Choon Seng
c) Adlina
d) Ken Jay
e) Ken Lin

Alright, ciao!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Spanish Regret

The one night I could catch one of my favourite teams at a normal hour, I just had to feel tired.

My mother knew I was tired.

Spain vs Ukraine was on last night at 9.00pm. Pretty early. My mother's Korean drama series was scheduled at 9.30pm.

I could watch the match if I wanted to. But remember, I was tired. And my mother knew. And she oh-so-subtly (NOT!) suggested that I should go to bed since I was feeling very tired and all. Oooh, I knew she wanted to watch her Korean drama fix.

So I decided to not watch the match. Because I WAS tired. And because I love my mother (see, I'm such a filial daughter).

This morning, I found out that Spain whooped Ukraine's ass 4-0. I only managed to catch one of the goals (Torres) during the match highlights before work. It was lovely. And I missed it, not to mention 3 other goals before that.

I love my mother. But World Cup is only once in 4 years.

No more skipping 'live' matches with my favourite teams. SIGH. :P

Monday, June 12, 2006

Footie Pleasures

Thank God for the simple pleasures in life like football. It's amazing how a sport could uplift one's spirit.

I woke up this morning, feeling bitter and depressed about going to work. Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts... sorry, not working.

Arrived at the workplace freakin' early. What to do? What to do? Oh look! Astro!

I sat on the couch and switched on the television. Serbia & Monteneigro VS Nederlands repeat match. 20mins to full-time. I watched, my eyes transfixed onto the tv screen.

My gosh, Robben is such an inspiring figure on the pitch. The near-goals! Such lovely attempts!

And suddenly, things didn't feel as bad or depressing.

Thank God for World Cup.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Ah Cheng Buey Lo Ti

"And time goes by, so slowly
And time can do so much..."
- Unchained Melody , The Righteous Brothers

Time flies when you're having fun. Or time's fun when you're having flies, according to Kermit The Frog. But when it ain't fun, boy, time sure drags.

That's life, huh?

Just gotta take one day at a time.

*One evening, Ah Beng and Ah Seng went to a lounge and requested the DJ to play the song "Ah Cheng Buey Lo Ti" (Ah Cheng buys bread). The DJ told them they only played English songs and asked them to request another song. They were upset and complained to the manager that the DJ was insulting them. After many hours of calming them down, the manager found out they were actually requesting the Righteous Brothers' song, "Unchained Melody".

Thursday, June 01, 2006


First steps... I don't remember when. Too young to remember, I guess. Too bad I didn't learn to run properly, though. :P

First day of school... I went to pee with a boy classmate in the boys' toilet!!!! I honestly thought that the cubicles were for the girls, the urinals for the boys. It was only when I walked back to the classroom that I remembered where the girls' toilet was. Doh! :P

First book... would be one of the Secret Seven book series by Enid Blyton. It was such a fun read, it triggered my childhood fascination with reading, especially Enid Blyton books. It was those books actually that sparked off my dream of studying in the UK, although I was unaware of it at that time.

First public speech... was made when I was in kindergarten! I had to memorise this speech in BM for the school concert but I had difficulties remembering the speech. But I pulled through in the end and my teacher was so happy that she kissed me on the cheeks! :D

First job... working as Research Ass. for a couple of months already. Yes, the 4-hour shoe shop stint does NOT count. ;P

First crush... would be none other than Michael J. Fox. He was so adorable in Family Ties and in movies like Back To The Future trilogy, The Secret of My Success, Teen Wolf, etc. Sigh. I still love watching his movies today. :)

First love... no one ever forgets his/her first love. 'Nuff said. ;)

First time God made His presence felt in my life... I experienced faith.

And God shall always be my Number One. :)