Thursday, July 26, 2007


It's incredibly awesome how the very first episode of ER (Hallmark Channel) coincided with the first Monday I've been back. It was interesting seeing George Clooney with a different albeit thicker hairdo, but still as handsome as ever. :P And it was so cool to see Dr John Carter (Noah Wyle) as a 3rd Year Medical Student. In fact, after doing hospital attachments for a year, I could relate to his struggles and frustrations. True, my UK training is peanuts as compared to my North American peers. But I guess medical students all share universal tears and laughter despite diverse geographical locations. Take The Differential, for example. Also, it feels great to watch the management of acute patients in the show, and actually be familiar with it. I may not be slick yet, I still have a lot more to learn, but at least, I know a little bit now. Yeah, I'm a nerd. I used to watch House, MD to revise (before the cases got too exotic). :P

I first watched ER back in Form 3 (Season 3), to check out People Magazine's Sexiest Man, George Clooney. Soon, I was watching it religiously not just because of him, but due to its engaging plots and characters. And I must say, despite the accurate (and dramatised) portrayal of the downside of the medical profession in this show, Medicine fascinated me. Little did I know then, that this fascination would later translate into my calling two years later.

Ever since it has been revealed to me that Medicine is my calling, my faith that I would graduate as a doctor has never wavered despite not-so-good academic results from time to time. But it feels great to watch this favourite tv show and remember how it had influenced me to become a doctor. The doctors in the show are all of different personalities, and though they are fictional, their struggles with the demand that comes with the job struck a chord with me.

I suppose, I find ER therapeutic and reassuring, besides my obvious eye-candy. :P

Another favourite show on the telly which coincided with my homecoming is America's Next Top Model (Cycle 8). Fashion, bitchings and determination to win - how could I not love it? ;) Anyway, there was this contestant named Sarah, who honestly thought she was quite good when in actual case, she didn't do well in her photoshoot at all.

I soooo could relate to that. My OSCE result was disappointing. I expected more out of it. But I've accepted the fact I may not be as good as I thought I was, and I realised that I need to work harder in that department. But that's fine with me. Better to realise that fact now, than in my 5th year when I will soon be unleashed to the public.

And so, all is well.

I love television.

At 12:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would figure TV therapy works best for you.

Get one in Soton? Or at least the TV thingamajig... Astro for peace of mind is a worthwhile investment, IMHO.

- TF (Formerly known as TR).

At 1:49 PM, Blogger raKoon said...

And my room will be the tv HQ again, muahahaha....


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