Sunday, December 12, 2004

Still Alive & Kickin'!

I could resist it no more... the temptation to blog... :P

OSPE trivia
What is this? What does it look like?

(Mis)Adventures Down the Rabbit-Hole
Been down there for 3 days this time. It was alright. It wasn’t a crappy experience, but it was nothing to shout about either. The highlight was watching a circumcision ‘live’ before my eyes. ’Twas very fascinating indeed. The amount of foreskin on a 12-year-old’s penis was much more than expected, it completely engulfed the glans penis (aka dickhead). Prem and I watched the whole procedure in amazement without a trace of geli-ness. Interesting stuff, really. BTW, we heard that a guy actually fainted watching it. He must have ‘felt’ the budak’s ‘pain’ (it was pretty bloody but the kid was on anaesthetics).

One feel good moment was when I clerked the history of an old lady. She was warded due to chest pains. Anyway, she was a lonely lady and it felt good chatting with her ‘cos it was obvious that she enjoyed the attention and the time San San and I spent with her. We listened to her life’s story, apart from getting the medical info from her. She had a hard life. It made me think of my youth, and wonder how I might end up at her age.

“Youth is wasted on the young/ Before you know it’s come and gone too soon.” – Eternity by Robbie Williams

Our house at 30, Flute Road 20 had a weird room. Room 2 had this dried flower thingy plastered near the doorway with masking tape. In the room was a metal cabinet... with a symbol of the pentacle drawn on it. We wondered which pagan-worshipping dudes slept in that room. The person who was supposed to be sleeping in the room was freaked out so she decided to sleep with us in Room 1. Weird-ness.

The toilet in the master bedroom (Room 1) was disgusting. There was pubic hair strewn everywhere... ICKS. Couldn’t the previous users splash their fallen pubes down the drain before leaving? ICKS. The microwave emitted the smell of durian whenever it was used and whatever food heated up would smell of durian. From what I heard, the fellas staying in the same house before us bought durians to eat. I am not pointing any fingers, but durians were bought and eaten, and the durian scent in the microwave... any correlation, ya think? Speculations... But why would anyone keep durian in the microwave?!?

And the clock goes ‘Cuckoo!’
Watched ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ the other day for class. It was nice ‘cos I’ve always wanted to watch it after one of my best friends bought the vcd and said it was really good, and I could watch it guilt-free ‘cos it was part of the school schedule so I didn’t feel guilty about not studying to watch a movie. :) The direction was good, but then again it was by Milos Forman. Jack Nicholson was superb in the movie, and the story moved and disturbed me at the same time. Not all my batchmates felt the same, though. Some felt it was boring and a waste of time. To each his/her own, I guess.

Sleigh bells ring... or is that tinnitus?*
*for the non-med students, tinnitus= ringing in the ears

‘Tis the Christmas season and I’m all excited about it! I’m not a Christian but I still like it anyway. It’s such a feel-good period. I love Christmas songs, Christmas deco in the malls and the whole spirit of giving and forgiving that comes with it. Listening to Christmas songs is just so relaxing, it really makes studying easier .I have yet to do my Xmas shopping... I wanna buy Clay Aiken's Xmas CD!!

End of Semester exams or not, I’m definitely treating myself to watch ‘Ocean’s Twelve.’ I’m gonna spend the next 2 days staring at various bloody and/or shrivelled up organs and slides, so good-looking men in sharp suits would definitely be a sight for sore eyes. Plus, I really enjoyed its predecessor, ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ so this should be good, too.

Time to break into song and dance!
Well, not really. Have to study, eheheh. :P Toodles!

Answer to the OSPE Trivia:
It’s actually a melted, deformed ice-cream potong but it really resembles macronodular liver cirrhosis, doesn’t it? ;P