Sunday, June 11, 2006

Ah Cheng Buey Lo Ti

"And time goes by, so slowly
And time can do so much..."
- Unchained Melody , The Righteous Brothers

Time flies when you're having fun. Or time's fun when you're having flies, according to Kermit The Frog. But when it ain't fun, boy, time sure drags.

That's life, huh?

Just gotta take one day at a time.

*One evening, Ah Beng and Ah Seng went to a lounge and requested the DJ to play the song "Ah Cheng Buey Lo Ti" (Ah Cheng buys bread). The DJ told them they only played English songs and asked them to request another song. They were upset and complained to the manager that the DJ was insulting them. After many hours of calming them down, the manager found out they were actually requesting the Righteous Brothers' song, "Unchained Melody".


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