Friday, January 28, 2005

The Opposite of Female

Last night, I plopped on the couch in front of the tv and watched 2 highly entertaining movies back to back. The first was About A Boy starring Hugh Grant... he's an adorable man. I've always liked him ever since Four Weddings and A Funeral which still ranks high among my favourite romantic comedies of all time. Next was Scent of A Woman starring Al Pacino and Chris O'Donnell. How could I say no to that combo? The brilliant acting by Mr Godfather himself, and the fresh-faced Chris O'Donnell... I've watched this before, actually, and it's one of those movies that deserves repeated watching. The scene at the end when Al Pacino made a passionate speech about integrity was inspiring, to say the least. Great script, too.

Both movie premises revolved around male bonding, though different kinds. In About A Boy, Hugh Grant's character learned more about himself from his friendship with a 10-year-old boy, whereas in Scent of A Woman, Chris O'Donnell's character learned a lot about life from a weekend spent with a blind retired army personnel (Al Pacino). Being a girl, it was very interesting watching these movies, besides the actors themselves, of course... :P

Males. They are a very interesting species. I admire them for certain qualities they possess that females do not... but sometimes I just feel like smacking them! To say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus could be quite an understatement, sometimes. I truly wonder what goes on in the male psyche...

... I'll bet you guys out there wonder the same about us girls too, huh? But funnily enough, though our differences could be the source of frustrations and misunderstandings between the two human sub-species, it is our differences also that make life fun and fascinating.

Males- can't live without 'em, so might as well try getting along with 'em. ;)

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Being Illiterate

Blog redesigning progress: Nil

I have been crawling from one random blog to another, viewing sources, trying to make head or tail out of this foreign language. But to no avail. I ended up with a headache instead.

Html, schtml. Bah!

I think there should be a 'HTML for Dummies' book in the shops. But the Dummies range are pretty expensive. And the school, being a MEDICAL school, naturally, has only medical textbooks in its library.


Patience is the key. OHM... :P

Friday, January 21, 2005

Bizarrely Dreadful

That was an adjective used to describe a horrendous audition on American Idol 4, dished out by the one and only, Simon Cowell (he rocks!!!). Another term used was 'excruciatingly awful.' I love watching American Idol. It's been a while since Fantasia Barrino won the 2004 title... I remember that I would try to watch every episode. And it's also thanks to American Idol that a great talent like Clay Aiken was discovered... :P Somehow Malaysian Idol doesn't really do it for me. I mean, Jaclyn Victor was good, and I did vote for her in the Finals, but it wasn't as exciting for me. Probably because the other singers were mediocre. Especially Andrew. He was one heck of a kayu performer. And no one can compare to Simon Cowell. Paul Moss doesn't even come close.

But as medical students (and in the future, doctors), I know we'll receive far worse insults from our future clinical school lecturers and senior doctors. They may not be as witty or macho as Mr Cowell, but their words would definitely cut deeper. I've heard some horror stories from my brother, of how this particular doctor was mentally abused by the senior doctor and suffered from a nervous breakdown. He underwent therapy for a year... after that, he was particularly racist towards that particular senior doctor's race. All that hate... I feel sorry for him. He didn't ask to be conditioned that way.

Another houseman I talked to was really keen to specialise in Obs and Gyn. But her interest vapored off when... the same old story-lah... the senior doctor treated her really badly, to the extent of putting the blame on her when a newborn died when the senior doctor was also to blame.

I don't want to be affected that way. An awesome lecturer once gave me this great advice: "Never allow yourself to be emotionally antagonised by the examiner (or lecturer or senior doctor)" because such fire would inevitably come. There will always be constantly PMS-ing doctors. And there are the perfectionist doctors. In the end, it's all for the greater good of the patients. So it's very important to keep your cool and your head together after getting burned and recover quickly. He told me that AFTER he made me cry. Funny man. :)

Hmm. This post suddenly took on a serious tone. I actually started out wanting to make fun of the 'deaf' people who went auditioning for American Idol. Interesting.

On a lighter note, the living room tv is now okay... all by itself! Maybe it was just PMS-ing... or feeling a bit 'off-colour', haha!


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Straight Eye For The Queer Blog

This blog needs a major makeover. Problem is, me no speaking HTML language. Nevermind. I have plenty of time to learn it.

Honestly... this look has got to go. It's soo... 2004. :P

Shades of Green and Purple

That is exactly how the living room tv screen looks right now. With the exception of the middle 1/9th of the screen. One (or more) of the colour tubes in the tv must have busted. So the person appearing right in the middle of the tv screen looks normal... surrounded by purple aliens from Star Trek. Watching MTV is much cooler, though. The music videos now have an artistic, psychedelic look. :P

Somehow the combination of green and purple reminds me of Barney the Purple Dinosaur. I hate Barney. He's so un-cute and totally overrated. Why watch Barney when there's Sesame Street?

Why am I wasting my time writing about a fake dinosaur that I do not like? Weird.

Anyway, life has been good so far. I finally stopped being anal about my results, for starters. :P It IS good after all. (Thanks for the comforting words, peeps!) Kicking ball, rollercoaster rides, good play and movies, just listening to a CD and NOT studying simultaneously... things have slowed down big time. And I like that.

'Then' (1 month ago) in italics. 'Now' in regular font.

Rise and shine! I can't sleep anymore... That's a beautiful sunrise. Do I want nasi lemak for lunch today? If yes, then I should go down to buy soon... maybe I can have some karipap for breakfast. Which notes should I study today?...


Ooh, Sesame Street is on now! *switches on to TV3 and proceeds to be amused*


Aiyah, hungry lah... why didn't I go buy nasi lemak just now? Oh yeah. I got sick of it. Is San San buying food from The Rooftop later? Has she left? "San Saannn!! What are you eating for lunch later?" Nevermind. Finish this lecture note first. Eat at 1200.

Hmm... I wonder what's on tv today. Hahah... that's funny! I just love the comics section... tralala. Shit, did Michael Jackson really do those things to that boy? Sicko Jacko.

Gobble, gobble, gobble.

Gobble, gobble, gobble.


Zzzzzzz.... (sometimes)

Why am I reading so slowly? Focus, YK, FOCUSSS!!! This is, what, just the 4th lecture note you've covered for the day. Slow-nye... SIGH. I need a break. *proceeds to eat tau fu fah*

Ooh, the Filipino soap is on now!

Gobble, gobble, gobble. Yak, yak, yak with housemates.

Gobble, gobble, gobble. More tv. Hehe.

Okay, let's try to finish these lecture notes by 12am.

Any chill out activity-- tv, music, writing, reading (fiction, mind you. Thanks for the Hitchhiker's Guide omnibus, Raj!).

Screw these lecture notes. I'll continue tomorrow. It's not like they're going into my head anyway. I'm too sleepy. Zzzzzz....

Chill out activity continues. Until I'm sleepy. Which is much later than 2300. ;)

This is the life, man. I shouldn't slack too much though... wouldn't want my brain to suddenly become alien to studying due to lack of use. That would be disastrous. The horrors! (once a nerd, always a nerd.. that's me. :P)

But later-lah. Now I shall enjoy every bit of my hols and do as much non-medical things as possible so that I won't look back and experience regret once I graduate as a doctor. Experiencing life in shades of green and purple... whatever that means. I'm just trying to sound deep but I obviously don't. :P


Sunday, January 16, 2005

Pride & Prejudice

1. Is the title of one of the most well-known works of Jane Austen. Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy.

2. Is the name of the BBC miniseries based on the book of the same title. Colin Firth acted as Mr Darcy in that miniseries. He also acted as Mark Darcy in 'Bridget Jones's Diary' and 'Bridget Jones:The Edge of Reason.' Just to digress a lil bit here, Mark Darcy in the movies was the man. Swoon. Go watch the sequel! If you love the first movie, you'll enjoy this even more! Okay. Anyway, it's so funny 'cos in the first Helen Fielding book, Bridget swoons and fantasizes after Colin Firth in the BBC miniseries. And in the silver screen version, the very same Colin Firth acts as the man in her life, Mark Darcy. And both characters share the same last name: Darcy. Funny.

3. Are the reasons why I initially wasn't happy with my results. I wrote this before: "I don't know how well I'll do, but whatever it is, I will accept it and be happy with it because I have already given my best. " I'm not a bloody hypocrite, so yeah, I shall be happy with them. Maybe this results was what I needed. I think I was probably getting a bit 'fat-headed.' Oh well. Every day is a life's lesson...

Soon I'll be watching 'Bride & Prejudice' (starring Aishwarya Rai) on vcd, which is the Bollywood version of 'Pride & Prejudice'! Tata!

Friday, January 14, 2005


What this girl wants... actually she doesn't really know.

I'm confused.

Who am I? Am I an animal? If not, why do I call myself 'raKoon'? And can't I spell? Shouldn't it be 'raccoon'? Questions, questions...

The Ego, the Id and the Superego. Why does the ego exist? What is humility? What are expectations? What happens when expectations are not met?

Hopes and fears, rubbish and tears.

I just got my results today. It was good... but I hoped, wanted, yearned, expected for better. I'm pretty pissed off right now, but I'm slowly coming to terms with it. I'm just so geram!!!!! So close, yet so far... I know I'm good, but it would be nicer if my results slip showed what I wanted to see. But people don't always get what they want... I guess I just wasn't lucky enough for one of the 3 papers.

Oh well. It doesn't matter. It's just a stupid minus sign. I know I'll be a damn kick-ass doctor in the future anyway. ;)

Can't wait for my internship at Cleo Magazine!!!

But wait... I'm still confused... why is my name an animal's? Who am I? What is my real name? And I still don't know what I want!! Okay. Maybe a digicam. Aaaarrrgghhh! *bwuek*

"Time's fun when you're having flies." -- Kermit the Frog

Cute raccoon says, "Bye-bye!"
(isn't it an adorable lil thang?)(NB: Language edited because innocent raccoon does not deserve to be cussed at.)

It's so cute, just like me, kekeke...



P/S- Since Capt'n KLin and myself have passed the exams, we plan to go to Thailand to help out with the whole Tsunami thing under the Red Crescent Society. Anybody interested, feel free to let us know.

Saturday, January 08, 2005


I look forward to this year, 2005. I wonder what holds before me. Many interesting, unexpected stuff happened in 2004. I look foward to everything that's going to happen in 2005, both good and bad. I anticipate and want to grow more as a person (not at the waistline, please, thankyouverymuch) this year. Oh yeah. And kick more butts and balls for Futsal, tee hee! Lone New Year resolution: To increase fitness level ie to the stage I am able to jog around the lake in the nearby park for 6 times without taking a walking break in between. For a very kekurangan stamina person like myself, that's a pretty big task. But hey, I've got a whole year to work on it. We'll see how that goes.

I look forward to the next week, January 14, when my exam results will be out. I don't know how well I'll do, but whatever it is, I will accept it and be happy with it because I have already given my best. I've worked, and I've slogged (I even dreamt I had TB, for goodness sake!)... now's the time to play. ;) I still pray and hope it's good, though...

I look forward to the next hour. I'll pop the Something's Gotta Give original VCD I bought the other day and drool over Dr Julian Mercer (Keanu Reeves) and feel touched by the sweet storyline all over again... :D Watched Phantom of The Opera right after the exams. Bloody brilliant. Christine Daae's voice was just so beautiful, Raoul was a handsome macho dude, the choreography and costume for 'Masquerade' was gorgeous... the only downside to the movie was the Phantom: his singing voice was a terrible disappointment. So not the Angel of Music-esque. You wanna hear Angel of Music quality voice? Listen to Michael Crawfurd's stage renditions.

But all these are meaningless if there is no faith. For it was faith which has sustained me throughout the stressful times, faith that is the source of my optimism and positivity, and others' faith in me that gave me strength. There are angels everywhere and I see them now.

P/S- Will definitely write more in the near future... toodles! ;)