Saturday, February 04, 2006

Not Quite My Fantasy, But...

Dammit, the silly game is growing on me!

My first attempt at gaming started out pathetically. My character died within 20 minutes (with me, anything is possible), my controls were horrible, to say the least and my neck and wrists were aching from prolonged gaming posture. My initial thoughts regarding gaming were, "Gaming is soooo not for me" and "I will donate this to someone after this weekend." But I persevered, because being the cheap woman that I am, I wanted to go through the game once and get my 20 bucks worth (which I'd rather spend on ice-cream or another Radiohead CD).

But somehow, I managed to improve.

My character no longer moves around like a drunk (well, most of the time), my neck doesn't ache as much anymore, and I was finally smart enough to download the guide so I've stopped meandering aimlessly. Or at least, not as much. :P

This sudden fondness for the game is quite scary because basically, I don't have time for it. So I really don't wanna like playing it too much because I'm not that masochistic. I surprised myself by putting in more playing hours every day. This had got to stop.

So I devised this plan which I call 'binge playing.' I played for hours til my eyes were tired and I got sick of the soundtrack. I did this for two days in a row. Did it work?

YES, thank goodness!!!

And now, when Monday comes along, my life will be back to normal, i.e. sans Final Fantasy VII. But I hope to cultivate a new addiction then: spending quality time with my Harrison's. :)

Anyway, the week has been great. Finally finished a fiction, watched a movie or two (go watch Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle on Astro- it's hilarious!!!), discovered the wonders of The O.C. (shows about the Orange County rock! Laguna Beach, The O.C., a movie called Orange County starring Colin Hanks...), hung out with family and friends...

'Twas a great week, indeed. It's only when you're working that you start to appreciate bumming time. ;)


At 4:29 PM, Anonymous bernard said...

Don't play Final Fantasy, play Grand Theft Auto, Vice City in particular.

If you are getting another Radiohead CD I would recommend you getting OK Computer. After listening to The Bends the next logical progression is OK Computer. Now OK Computer is not an instant gratification LP like The Bends. OK Computer is less MTV-ish (as I like to call it). OK Computer don't have catchy songs like High & Dry or even Fake Plastic Trees (can you call this one catchy?). The LP needs to be experienced as a whole. Listening to it in the car is perfect, especially when you are driving alone in the city traffic. Of course there are songs that get your attention immediately like Airbag, Let Down, Karma Police, and No Surprises. But the rest needs time to be registered in your head and when they do, very rewarding. Brilliant songs that I listen to over and over again: Paranoid Android (check out the 'rain down' part), Exit Music (this is my fav Radiohead song and for me the ultimate Radiohead song, check out the 'brreathing' part, I can listen to this song 10 times in a row during my times of panic attack, you know rapid heartbeats and shortness of breath, but I'm taking care of it so I can't do that anymore), Climbing Up The Walls (check out the climax after the 'open up your skull ill be there' part) and Lucky (check out the guitar solo).

After you have experienced OK Computer you'll know why OK Computer is the ultimate Radiohead LP.

Remember to keep brreathing.


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