Wednesday, January 18, 2006

All About Chemistry

If you could still remember your A-Levels Chemistry/SPM Kimia, you'd know that the Transitional Elements (for eg, copper, iron, manganese...) are the colourful ones, whereas the other elements are of boring colours (like Group I elements- Na, K... are white. Remember?!?!?) . So usually when you mix chemicals with a transitional element in it, the solution would be of a pretty colour. But even though they may look dull, the Group I and II elements may give off lovely coloured flames when burned (barium = apple green... I can't remember the rest. :P )

Same principle could be applied to time. Before the exams, things were quite stable and routine. Sure, there were some impromptu, unexpected happenings during then (like, I don't know, going to UH A&E Dept at 12 midnight?) but there is a sense of predictability to those days. Wake up, study, get stressed, bitch about being stressed, try to relieve stress, study somemore, call Happy Cook for Lunch. Same cycle for the next major meal. I would call this the 'Group I time.' Predictable, but not quite sometimes.

Then after exams... oh,the time was awesome. Many things done everyday. Plans were made almost instantaneously. No worries at all. Just freedom. Spending time with your favourite people is one of the best things to do in life. Whole days were spent laughing and having fun. I didn't realise it was even possible. Time flew so quickly, yet it was only a month ago! But it feels distant now... So many sweet memories made. Wonderful, brilliant colours in my life. I call this the 'Transitional time.'

Things are settling down now, though. I've settled into my work routine (which happens to revisit my A-Levels Biology and Chemistry roots), Maosix has settled into her studying routine, Naddy is all set to leave for the Land of Aucks (so fast!!!) and Prem is going to be resettled all the way in Seremban and start school... It's less exciting, and a bit sad at times. I feel sad that I'll have to be separated with my friends. But that's life, I suppose. Can't react with the same mixtures all the time. Sooner or later, one of the substances would run out. Just gotta move on, and try experimenting with different reagents. I call this the 'Group II time.'

Now, I'm just waiting for that one element which would set off some sparks, hehehe...

But oh, such wonderful colours! I shall never forget them, ever. Unless I get Alzheimer's disease. I hope I won't. Okay. Whenever I want to see those colours again, I'll know exactly which elements to use. No need to experiment anymore. :)

Colours! Weeeeeee!! *stone* ;P


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