Monday, January 02, 2006

The Last Days of 2005

The days after EoS were just surreal. Kept going out or just plain stoning. It was a novelty, spending December stress-free since it's the first time I do not have to worry about exams during this period. The days just went by in a blur. It took a while to recall the things we did then. Like, throwing maosix into the pool (btw, she is heavier than she looks) :P or celebrating Prem's birthday. Good times, they were.

My housemates and I always made an effort to celebrate Christmas every year, no matter how stressed out we might get. 2005 was a little bit different, though. Everyone was busy with their own agenda. Still had a Christmas dinner, though this time with the Cuckoo Gang. Prem is an excellent cook, as she is a defender. It was lovely, exchanging presents and emo cards. :)

Was very busy shopping as well. It was, by far, the most active post-exam hols I've ever spent. Usually, I'll be at home watching tv specials or just reading. This time, it was all about going out, stoning and shopping. It's fun shopping with a mission. There's a sense of satisfaction everytime a purchase was made. Unfortunately, KL was unable to provide us with everything that we needed...

... So we (moi, maosix, milliemao) decided to go down south in a spur of the moment (literally). On the way, watched a drug bust live before our eyes. There was a turpentine sniffer in the row right in front of us and somehow, a Customs Officer on leave and a retired Navy personnel happened to be in the same carriage. Upon search, a bottle of undiluted codeine was found. Drama ensued, handcuffs and all. And so we watched.

Met up with the convo mag editor there and we just walked, walked and walked. Found everything we were looking for. Had lunch on the ledges and dinner on the stairs. Bliss...

There were no fireworks to see that New Year's Eve on the train. The seats were uncomfortable to sleep in. But there was no place I'd rather be. :)

I don't know what 2006 may bring. But I shall always carry with me the memories of 2005.

Never expect, always hope. For there is always hope.


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