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Home for CNY

Toshi was taken ill about 2 weeks ago. Actually it was already showing signs and symptoms of being unwell months ago, but I dismissed them as nothing major, just it being finicky. But that day when it rejected something it usually accepts, I knew it was time to take it to the 'hospital.' There, the 'doctor' ran a slipshod test on Toshi and concluded that nothing was wrong with it. I was upset and indignant when he called me up to inform me that - if there's really nothing wrong, I wouldn't have sent it there in the first place, right? I demanded that he tested Toshi with other things. Sure enough, something needed fixing. Waited for another week for its 'organ' replacement, and Toshi is now home, as good as new. Just in time for CNY.

Welcome home, Toshi. :)

Soton Beckons
Finally Soton's offer letter has arrived. To my surprise, I'll actually be leaving this country about a month earlier than expected. And looking at the school schedule, I realised that the holidays are short and scarce. I expected that already, since it's medicine and all, but I hope the timing of my hols and the other unis' will not clash. Otherwise, there goes our Christmas 2006 reunion plans. What a depressing thought.

I also found out that I WON'T be repeating the stuff I've learned here in Jalil Hill, but I'll nevertheless still be tested on them for my finals in July next year. WTF?!!? I have been bumming around all this while, banking on the (false) fact that I'll be revising again when I get there. Yes, I PLANNED to study during these hols, but executing that plan is much harder. I get tired after work and all I wanna do after dinner every time is watch American Idol and stone with the likes of Radiohead before sleeping. Weekends are reserved for fellow Maos before they start school. Maybe I'll need something to pep me up so I'll last longer for each day. Something like Yomeishu. Hmmm. Whatever it is, I need to start studying. After the CNY hols. Heheh. Heheheh.

I just bought Final Fantasy VII and I'm going to try a hand at computer gaming first. :P

A Decade Late
I just would like to recommend Radiohead's The Bends album. It was released in 1995. I have only discovered it now. :P But better late than never... Why am I endorsing it on my blog? Because good things in life must be shared.

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Recipes Galore
Since it's sort of becoming a trend to put up recipes of stuff they made on the blog, I thought I'd jump into the bandwagon. Except that mine are a lil' different.

0.85% Saline Solution
0.85% means 0.85 g in 100mL. So if you wanna make 1L of 0.85% saline solution, first weigh 8.5 g of sodium chloride [ NaCl (s) ]. Put it in a 1L reagent bottle/conical flask and add 1L of distilled water to it. Dissolve salt completely. Voila!

I've also made nutrient broth for bacterial culture, coating, dilution, and washing buffers for ELISA test. I didn't take pictures of them 'cos they all look alike - clear solutions in reagent bottles. Except for nutrient broth, which is brown.

One Airport Goodbye Down, Two More To Go
Naddy, we miss you already.

I Dreamt of Baby
I dreamt 3 weeks ago that I was cradling a newborn. She was so cute, and I just cradled her in my arms. I felt so happy just looking at the baby, I didn't want to put her down. My arms ached when I woke up. :P

I told my friends about this dream and one of them looked up its meaning. Apparently there could be 3 interpretations: one, good health; two, good career; or three, someone close, ie family member/close friend, will have a baby.

I just found out that my sis-in-law is about a month pregnant. How uncanny is that?!?

I'm gonna be an aunt... :)

Happy Doggie Year
I truly believe that dogs could sniff out dog lovers. I was out with Maosix the other night and we were eating at this open air place. This dog was quite restless, walking about from one table to another. When it came to our table, it didn't bother to sniff me but instead went over to Maosix, sniffed her a bit and then settled down underneath her chair. So cute.

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Happy Chinese New Year! Have a prosperous doggie year ahead! :D

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I remember when I played FF7 a long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, time ago.. Haha!

It may be old, but I'd play it again if I could..


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