Friday, June 01, 2007

Que Sara Sara?

Hmm... did a medical specialty aptitude test online. And the results are pretty interesting... or not. ;) Try it out for yourself.

My top ten medical specialties I should seriously consider in the future (or so the test results say):

1 med oncology 46
2 hematology 44
3 dermatology 44
4 physical med & rehabilitation 44
5 urology 43
6 psychiatry 43
7 general internal med 43
8 radiation oncology 43
9 endocrinology 43
10 radiology 42

And my bottom five specialties, stuff I should not bother considering:

32 anesthesiology 36
33 thoracic surgery 36
34 nuclear med 35
35 pulmonology 34
36 cardiology 34

Well, I'm glad that General Medicine is in my top ten, but Urology in number 5? I haven't done Dermatology yet so I can't really comment... Haematology? Hmmm... I can't believe Orthopaedic Surgery ranked higher than Pulmonology and Cardiology. I can't believe ANY surgical specialty ranked higher than Cardiology.

And so, my conclusion is this test is crap.

However, the top ten does give a bit of food for thought...

At 5:40 AM, Blogger caryn said...

aye aye.. i don't trust that thing too.. psych topped my list.. hahaha

At 8:39 AM, Anonymous bernard said...

"So all you aspiring doctors or medical students out there, I recommend that after you get your MD, take that extra mile and study psychiatry. First of all there aren't that many psychiatrists in Malaysia, and secondly most (if not all) psychological illness are not 100% curable, so guaranteed repeating customers, unless of course you are a lousy doctor or a miracle doctor."



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