Friday, July 20, 2007

After All's Been Said & Done

It's been 11 months we've been here in Southampton. I came here with many hopes and expectations... some were met, some not. At the end of this academic year, waiting to go home, it is time to reflect and ponder my life of this past 11 months. Yeah, I'm feeling emo. That's why I'm actually blogging now. :P

What is life without it's ups and downs? To savour the highs, one must embrace the lows. It has been a good mix of those this year. Not quite as dramatic as 2005, which I still remember fondly, but not quite dull either.

The Flatmate told me that we should accept our blessings as they come and not be greedy with them. How true. Many unexpected blessings crossed my path, and I am grateful for them.

I think I have grown here in England. Not quite dramatically like back in 2005, but life's little challenges I've experienced so far have definitely made me think. And preparing me into this upcoming phase in my life known as adulthood (I consider myself as a proper adult once I'm out working as a House Officer - now I'm still a Young Adult. ;P ) Older, stronger, more mature?... as I slowly experience life, one day at a time.

Everything happens for a reason. And whatever the reason is, it's for our own good. And I shall learn from life's lessons... and continue learning, no matter how bitter it is. To live in the now. Carpe diem.

"I've done my best, and I have no regrets." - William Hung

He sure can't sing and dance, but he sure is right.

And I am proud to say that I could say the same. I gave my best shot at life during this 11 month period. And I have no regrets.

"Hi, I'm YK and I'm a Fourth Year Medical Student."


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