Tuesday, April 03, 2007

6 Weird Things About Me

Ah, I've been tagged by Mr Lau Choon Seng and thus I shalt respond... although, why I would want to deliberately share my quirks with the rest of the world is still uncertain... but I suppose it makes a fun read! :p

1. I find housework therapeutic and stress-relieving. Weird but true. As exam approaches, the frequency of house-cleaning increases. I just can't stand the sight of dust and hair on the floor when I'm studying. Plus, there is something comforting about repetitive movements. Sweeping, mopping, washing dishes, ironing... but don't get any ideas. I do it for ME to clean MY place. I won't do it for your place because I'm not your maid. :p

2. I love giving advice to the television. I get so involved watching the telly. If a character does something stupid, I'll go "Why lah!?!?!" to the telly even though I know it's useless. I give mini commentaries to myself about the issues on tv on whatever that's going on because there's no one there to listen to my intellectual opinions. Unless I know that someone else is watching the programme as well... and then I'll text them my intellectual opinions. :p

3. I run like a duck. All you gotta do is just observe. :p

4. I could sleep anywhere, anytime. Be it in front of a CNY performance in Midvalley Megamall or a beautiful European church, you could find me catching a snooze. I guess when the brain is tired, it just gotta sleep. YAWN!

5. I have a soundtrack playing in my head for different situations all the time. Maybe I watch too much telly. But my brain is always playing a song. Even when I'm studying, I've got my music on the laptop. I've got so many songs with different meanings to them, each signifying different periods in my life, making me smile or go pensive. And since knowing about the concept of 'Theme Song' (from Ally McBeal), I've always select a song for myself to be my 'theme' for a period of time. Now it's 'Me' by Paula Cole. Awesome song.

6. I cannot resist playing with a cute soft toy. I just gotta squish them or give them a cuddle, or at least touch its soft fur. It's a reflex. Cute soft toy = must play. Doesn't matter if I'm in a store or it belongs to someone else- I'd adopt it for a short while. :p

Okay, that's done. I tag... KenJ, Adlina, Grace, Collin, Sheena and Deandra! Ciao.

At 11:41 PM, Blogger kenJ said...

I lay claim to coining number 3 :p

btw i just realized xiao tagged me for the same thing.. hmm.. maybe when i'm less tipsy..

At 4:23 PM, Blogger Voodoo Science said...

im working on mine :DDD


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