Friday, February 09, 2007

When I Grow Up To Be A Consultant

Being a medical student means accepting the fact that you are the lowest ranking... person... to exist in the hierarchy. The consultants are way up there and I am just an insignificant 3rd year, trying to learn as much as she possibly can.

There have been a few consultants who have made me feel that way before. One told me to "disappear", another just basically ignored me in his clinic (it was the longest 2 hours I've ever experienced).

One consultant I was attached to was always polite and civil. In fact, he was quite kind and patient when I mistook a Meckel's diverticulum for the appendix, even though the ileum had been identified (by far, the most embarassing operating theatre experience ever :p).But somehow he still scares me. I would get palpitations and so stressed out during ward rounds. The palpitations disappeared after I finished that particular attachment.

And then there are the great consultants. I have been very lucky to have learned from these awesome individuals.

Consultants who teach are great. Consultants who love teaching are marvellous. But the best of the lot are those who acknowledge 3rd year medical students as human beings.

I was very touched by the gesture of this particular consultant: he actually came over to my dining table during lunch to ask how I was. A consultant came over to talk to little ol' me!!!

It doesn't take much to be kind to students. These consultants really make learning enjoyable and motivate me to work harder. Which led me to this thought...

"When I am a consultant in the future, I shall remember to be nice to medical students. Especially the keen ones. :)"

Will I be a lecturer with a medical school? I don't know. I am not sure if I am the teaching type or not. It's always 33 that have practice CSU sessions with the juniors, not me. :p

But when I am a consultant, I will remember the days of being a 3rd year medical students - how a smile and an acknowledgement from a consultant would make me happy.

Anyway, on a completely different note...
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it snowed in Soton this morning!!! :D But then it all melted by 10am. Oh well. It was pretty while it lasted. ;)

At 6:22 PM, Blogger kenJ said...

So a consultant was hitting on u? :p

Nice to see u writing again btw..


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