Monday, July 03, 2006

The Beginning of The End

It feels great to not have to wake up before daybreak on a weekday. Yes, work is officially over. How would I rate the experience? Hmmm. It was alright. Definitely an eye-opening experience. I have learned quite a bit from this working stint, not entirely academic. But it's time to move on. And watch the rest of the World Cup matches...

Oh England! The moment Roo was sent off, I had a terrible feeling that it might be a repeat of France '98. And it was. You deserved to get through to the semi-finals, despite your uninspiring show in the tournament so far, as compared to the filthy team of play-actors also known as Portugal. There were so many chances, all missed. Did you offend anyone before leaving for Germany, Lampard? I thought you would make my dream come true that early Sunday morning...

But of course, Sven Goran Eriksson could only be so lucky. What a clueless git. Oh well. There's no use crying over spilt milk.

I could only sing this song...

"It's coming home
It's coming home
It's coming
Football's coming home

Everyone seems to know the score
They've seen it all before
They just know
They're so sure
That England's gonna throw it away (yep, they just did)
Gonna blow it away
But I know they can play
'Cause I remember...

Three Lions on a shirt
Jules Rimet still gleaming
Thirty years of hurt
Never stopped me dreaming

So many jokes, so many sneers
But all those oh-so-nears (is that another shot at the goal, Lampard?)
Wear you down
Through the years
But I still see that tackle by Moore
And when Lineker scored
Bobby belting the ball
And Nobby Dancing

Three Lions on a shirt
Jules Rimet still gleaming
Thirty years of hurt
Never stopped me dreaming..."

-- Three Lions , Lightning Seeds & Baddiel & Skinner

The Germany vs Argentina match, on the other hand, was absolutely lovely. Germany was defending more than I liked them to, but hey, they never gave up (even though I almost did). Klose's header was just brilliant and re-energized the team, which was great to watch.

Argentina deserved to get through as well. Better Argentina than Portugal. But I guess it's fated that Argentina couldn't kick penalties for nuts like my other favourite team. Anyway, another reason why Germany deserved to go through the semi-finals: they played with heart. It was obvious that the Germans wanted to win more. And because of that, I know that they will go all the way and lift the trophy.

I am also happy that Germany won because this means I still get to see their oh-so-fit coach Juergen Klinsmann on tv. Hehehe. He's damn hot. Hehehe. :P

Schumi completed the German power display weekend by winning the US GP in Indianapolis. And the German national anthem plays on! Muahahaha.

So how did I spend my first day of break today? I attempted to study. Yes, the word is attempt because I think I tried to read too much at one go and now I think my brain has blown a fuse. :P Will try again tomorrow- this time, bit by bit.

Two more months...


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