Thursday, May 11, 2006

Try Again, I Must

"And if at first you don't succeed
Then dust yourself off and try again
You can dust it off and try again, try again
Cause if at first you don't succeed
You can dust it off and try again
Dust yourself off and try again, try again (and again)."
-- Try Again, Aaliyah

Okay, so the lyricist is no Shakespeare, and the chorus is a tad bit repetitive. :P But hey, it's catchy and the message is clear: If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again (I find this sentence hard to paraphrase :P).

I sang this to myself to keep my spirits up in Form 5 when Add Maths suddenly decided to become a bitch. It wasn't easy, but I sat down and did at least 2 hours of Add Maths every day in the form of several revision books. The work paid off - Add Maths decided to be nice again. :)

I sang this chorus again in Semester 2, when I just couldn't do percussion at all. My hands would move awkwardly, instead of tapping, I was... whacking? the other finger wrongly. It didn't help that another friend of mine got the hang of it instantaneously. Thus began the percussing obsession. I would practice percussing on my tummy almost every waking moment of the day- when I'm studying, when I'm watching tv, when I'm talking to my housemates... Tap, tap, tap (or at least, trying to)... before I realised it, I heard RESONANCE. Yay!

I feel it's time to warm up my vocal cords again and sing this chorus. Why? Because there is something seriously wrong with my cell culture technique. In cell culture, one's technique must be fully aseptic, everything must be sterile. I have tried, many times already, yet bacteria still insist to party with my cells. :( I was very pissed off initially. The anger then lead to frustration. But now, I'm also tired by the frustration, like how I'm tired of the contamination. I am now, instead, more determined than ever to master this bloody technique. I will because I can.

And so I shall try again, and again, and again, and again...

At 1:16 AM, Anonymous bernard said...

"i'm on the outside of love
always under or above
i can't find my way in
i try again and again

i'm on the outside of love
always under or above
must be a different view
to be a me with a you"

- Inside Of Love Nada Surf


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