Tuesday, May 30, 2006

In A Contemplative Mood

The convo weekend has come and gone. The one weekend I have been looking forward to, over. What next? Hmm, before I answer that question, maybe it's also time for reflections...

Who would've guessed that kicking and chasing a ball around in an indoor court would have such impact on me? It has been months since I last kicked the ball with my teammates... and my, what an exhilirating feeling it was! I forgot how good it felt to run around with my pathetic stamina, breathing hard for oxygen and feeling the beating of my heart... I forgot how alive this sport had made me feel. Our skills (and stamina) have certainly deteriorated since the last time we played together, but the essence was still present - a bunch of girls (and guys) getting together to play a sport we love.

The only thing that was missing was Capt'n KLin. We miss you, Maooo!!!

And also you, KenJ. You were a great coach. We missed your pearls of wisdom. ;)

Of all the M203 memories I have with me, F3 Red Foxes will be one of the closest to my heart.

I miss M203. I really do miss my batchmates. I miss the familiarity of going to lectures, the individuals who make the batch special, and I miss the togetherness that we had. IMU Cup is an excellent event which never failed to bring us all together. I miss clanning up with each other and claim superiority over the other batches, obnoxious as that may sound. :P And though each EoS was a horrible, stressful experience, it did, nevertheless, brought us all together for one cause and we helped each other cope with the stress of studying. I've always studied solitarily, but for the last EoS Sem 5, I realised the pros of studying with other people - stress shared is stress reduced. Watching Laguna Beach and Sex And The City during dinner... excellent way to de-stress. And Happy Cook was our unofficial caterer. ;)

It felt good to see familiar faces again on Convo. But time was too short and precious, Convo was merely an interlude in our current separate lives, allowing us to meet up but only for a while.

Well, it was better than nothing, though. :)

Congratulations to SNing, our very own founder and President of Fantastic Female Futsal, striker for the F3 Red Foxes team, for winning the Gold Medal Award!

So... what next? I realised that what I'm going through right now is merely an interlude in my life. I'm still in limbo, waiting for my life to begin again when I leave the country and start school again. Would I enjoy it as much as I did with M203? I don't know.

There is no choice for me but to just wait and see. In the meantime, I guess I should be grateful for the remaining time I have to spend with the ones I love and care for.

Glory, glory, M-2-0-3!!! :)

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