Friday, April 07, 2006

Behavioural Science

This subject has always fascinated me. How society works, what makes us humans tick, our different personalities... I read many of my batchmates' blogs, and already we can see many distinctive writing styles and content matter which makes each blog a unique read.

However, as a GRADED subject, it's horrible. I got it for my Selective (it was my last choice) and obtained a less-than-ideal grade for it. To me, despite my fascination with the subject matter, it was full of concepts which I somehow could not establish correlations with certain behaviours in real life. For behind every behaviour, there could be many diverse underlying motivations. Each person has his/her own story to tell, their own histories. I have to always remind myself that not everyone is like me and therefore would react to situations differently from how I would.

Props to Mr Paul Jambunathan for being an expert in this highly complex and subjective field.

As for me, I'm still learning to understand people. It's difficult sometimes, but I strive to always try. And learning people, just like other new things, requires patience.

Cultivating patience is a test of patience in itself. And a learning experience in itself. But it is worth being patient for, I feel.


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