Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Black Pup

On some days, you wake up and you just feel like crawling back to bed - not just because it feels so comfortable, hehe, but also because you feel unwell.

I do not like feeling unwell.

When I'm unwell, I'm cranky. Grumpy. Grouchy. And very pessimistic. Negative thoughts come flooding through my head, uncontrollable. Great. Is the whole day going to be like this?

It was a moody way to work that morning. I told myself, I don't have to be grumpy, that I'm responsible for my feelings and how my day will turn out, that I can choose to be happy, bla bla bla... Sure. Tell that to a tired mind.

It was until I almost reached my workplace when I encountered a bouncy, black furball.

A black puppy, to be precise.

I've never encountered any animal there before. It was such a cheerful creature. It was silent, but there was a happy expression on its face and it was so bouncy! It kept jumping up and down at my heels with that happy face and tongue lolling out. So cute!!! It accompanied me for a short distance, and then stopped. It then decided to accompany another passer-by at that area and soon it was out of sight.

A trace of innocence made my day. :)

P/S- I looked out for it on my way home but it was no longer there. Maybe it was someone's pet which got lost in an area nearby. Or could it be a hallucination? Hmm. Now that's a thought.


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