Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Ass Spanking-tastic!

This post is especially dedicated to members of my team, Queers & Co.* - comprising of Capt'n KLin aka Jackie*, Prem aka Karen*, SNing, Ade Teo and our keeper, The Roommate (TR). We participated in the inter-batch (sort of) Futsal tournament last friday night, and it was fun! Exhausting... but fun, nevertheless.

Initially, it didn't look like it, though. The tourney took off a jittery start for our team. Jackie was exhausted and feeling nauseated. Karen did not eat for the whole day and was suffering from a migraine. I was in a foul mood because of the stupid Renal Assessment. TR was late, which added to our nervousness. We were nervous because... there were 6 matches to play and we have only 1 substitute (not by choice). And we weren't exactly in the best shape to play...

1st Match: Queers & Co. vs Malakeing Suso (Sem 4)
This team is hot. They look oh-so-hot in their pink tops and shorts. And they play pretty hot too.

The match was quite slow (our first matches are always slow. SIGH.) and we found ourselves defending more than we like. But of course, with the onslaught of Naddy and Priya as strikers of Malakeing Suso, we have to defend a lot. But we could have attacked more as well. Jackie scored 1 goal and the ass-spanking* began.

Result: 1-0 (Queers & Co. won)

2nd Match: Queers & Co. vs Kaki Bangku (Sem 4)
Kaki Bangku?!?!? What a misnomer. With Sunila the Gila Striker in the team and other good players like Shuj and Grace, this team can definitely play futsal and score lotsa goals too! But I am happy that we managed to hold our own.

Result: 1-1

3rd match: Queers & Co. vs Transformers (Sem 1)
We weren't sure of how this match would turn out. This wasn't Sem 1's best team but we must never underestimate our opponents. And Jackie had to sit this match out 'cos she was just too tired and we had 4 more matches to go. This lead to a change in positioning- I took over Jackie's place as Centre while Ade played defence in my place.

Well, this match is special to me because I scored my very first goal in an official tournament. :) SNing scored the first goal. Second goal was from yours truly. I never expected to score a goal, really. But I kept on running forward because I couldn't find the opportunity to pass to SNing. When I got close enough to the goal, I could hear the people on the sidelines yelling, "Take a shot! Take a shot!" and I thought, "Oh well, what the heck." And it went in. Yay!!

It was nice getting my ass-spanked, hehe. :D

Okay, enough of that. Got a bit carried away there, hehehehe... I'll stop.

Result: 2-0 (Queers & Co. won)

There's a break before the 4th match and I think it was a wee bit too long and I didn't warm-up properly... which lead me to suffer from horrible cramps on both sides of my calves. :(

4th Match: Queers & Co. vs Ghostbusters (Sem 1)
Cramps were alright for a while but not for long. Played for a mere 2 minutes (I think) before my calf muscles just seized up as I was running in the court. Ade had to come in. My calves were spasmodic. It was awful.

It didn't help that this was one of the strongest teams in the tourney. They scored a goal and we didn't get to equalise. :(

Result: 0-1 (Ghostbusters won)

5th Match: Queers & Co. vs Sem 2 Team 2
I only lasted for a minute plus for this match. :( It's very frustrating to watch from the sidelines, knowing that each one was exhausted and yet not being able to go in to substitute any of them. I felt so helpless. Stupid cramps.

As for the match itself, I have only this to say: In the futsal court, futsal is the game that should be played, NOT rugby/basketball. 'Nuff said.

Result: 1-1

6th Match: Queers & Co. vs Sem 2 Team 1
Couldn't play at all. I couldn't even walk properly. Frustration was mounting. After the demoralising game of pseudo-rugby (which we could have won if only Jackie was luckier with her shots and everyone was not too damn exhausted), we really wanted to win this. Because we knew we could. But could our bodies take it?

Well, this was what happened. Not only did they hang in there, not one, not two, but THREE goals were scored! We creamed them! Woo hoo! A perfect end to our tourney (although TR getting yellow-carded for coming out of the D to celebrate one of Jackie's goals was plain ridiculous. Geez.).

I feel incredibly proud of our team. Despite being exhausted, our will to win kept us going(or them rather, since my will could not surpass the pain in my legs) and guess what, we got 3rd placing... through sheer perseverance. 'Kaki Bangku' was second and the champion was 'Transformers.'

Remember, 4th game onwards, there was no substitution whatsoever as I was out. Jackie was exhausted. So was Karen and her migraine. SNing developed a blister in the second game. Ade doesn't even play futsal regularly. As for TR, well, she was good, as usual, but one keeper does not make the whole team! So, to get 3rd placing despite these odds is not bad. Not bad at all. In fact,

"It's disgusting!"* SPANK!*

This is my fellowship.

Signing off,
YkK aka Will*

*inspired by our current obsession with the American TV sitcom, Will & Grace.

P/S- Congrats to team Makende getting a respectable 2nd place in the guys' futsal tourney the next day. It was a close game but most importantly you guys showed how futsal should be played- with true skills. As for Remind The Gab team, next time, finish up your homework earlier so that you'll get enough sleep and not end up exhausted the next day! :P


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