Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Hols So Far... A Review

Well, because I felt like blogging, but I have no idea of what to blog about, I thought maybe I'd write a summary of highlights of the holidays so far... beginning from the day OSCE ended on that Thursday afternoon til today. After all, this week will be the last of complete nothingness and lazing about (sort of). Electives are starting next week and I'm quite excited about my internship at Cleo Magazine! I just hope it doesn't involve making coffee. Or any drinks, for that matter. I'm pretty bad at that.

- The Phantom of The Opera. Loved it.
- a play called Hannah and Hanna. Enjoyed it immensely.
- Bridget Jones:The Edge of Reason... twice. Still loving it. Wouldn't mind a 3rd viewing, actually. The lead actors are so British and yummy. Mmmm. :)
- Vanity Fair. Brilliant acting by Reese Witherspoon. Lovely costumes. Just loved the way they spoke English back then. A good movie.
- Saw. A different, cheapo and less thrilling version of the movie Se7en, but still entertaining, nevertheless.
- Racing Stripes. With this movie, anyone could become a psychic... because everything about it was so bloody predictable! The fact that I thought it was an animated movie when it wasn't (well, it looks animated from its promo posters!) made me feel more cheated. The zebra was so moody and annoying that you'd wanna pack him up and send him to poachers just to get rid of him. The only funny, entertaining feature of the movie was 2 talking flies. The flies were animated, by the way.
- National Treasure. The riddles and clues and trivia about the history of the United States of America were interesting. The rest, to put it succinctly, was POYO.
- and loadsa other nice movies on Astro and vcd. Oh how I missed movie-watching!

Went to...
- Paya Indah Wetlands. Located somewhere on the way to KLIA. Quite isolated but that's the way eco-touristy places are. I didn't expect to enjoy myself very much as I would be subjecting myself to direct sunlight for prolonged time, considering my 'allergy' to heat. But funnily enough, I did. I haven't cycled for a while, so I enjoyed that. And the scenery was gorgeous! The sky was so blue, the clouds were white and puffy, the foliage was beautifully green... somehow all colours were at their best hues. I almost spanked myself for not having bought a digicam already to capture those panoramic views. So many would-be beautiful shots... and one digicam with dying batteries belonging to Ad. Sayang. Saw many birds which names we do not know. I may hate jungle-trekking but this sort of nature thing ain't too bad, actually. Even though I came home with lobster arms after that. Had a close encounter with a herd of cows and got almost gored by a raging bull. Except that the bull wasn't in rage. In fact, it stood quite still. I think they were more afraid of us, than us them. They were in the defensive formation. I think our loud voices scared them. Probably not just them, but any animal within one mile radius as we were talking and laughing quite loudly. Still, with animals, you never know. The bull might have rabies and suddenly go cuckoo and charge at us. I wasn't going to take chances with his huge, incredibly sharp-looking horns. But we decided to cycle past them anyway after reassurances from my half-blind friend who didn't notice the malevolent horns until it was too late. Thank goodness nothing happened 'cos as I said earlier... you never know. But I'd love to go cycling there again! ;) This time, with a digicam (with fully charged batteries).

- Genting Theme Park on a spontaneous (well, almost) day trip and having fun and actually remembering it. The last time I went to Genting was when I was 3 or 4 years old and I know this for a fact because of photographic evidence. Thanks for suggesting the trip, Naddy! :)

- the park near the school to fly my kite for the first time since it was bought. (It's not really MY kite completely. There's a joint ownership going on here, actually.) A word of caution to amateur kite-fliers like myself: Do not attempt to fly the kite alone on your first attempt as you will only succeed in raising your blood pressure and not the kite. Unless you are at the beach. The wind was a bitch, appearing then suddenly disappearing, then appearing again for a short while to give us false hopes. Apparently a kite could also become a health hazard. Soundbite of the evening: "Aaaaaaarrrggghh!" which was let out by a group of health-conscious girls when the pink, mini pterodactyl lookalike with a big, genial smile suddenly swooped down on them, one of its various dives of that evening. Oh well. I shall try again when school restarts. A word of thanks to Raj for accompanying me to "go fly kite!" ;)

- Found out that...
~ having lunch is one great way to get to know a person better.
~ a car is a good place to have conversations. Or the LRT, for that matter.
~ brown eyeshadow makes me look like a victim of domestic violence.
~ lying on the bed ala sotong and chatting the night away is one the most fun and least energy consuming activities to do.
~ friends who could accept myself, quirks and all, and put up with them are true gems indeed.
~ it's great to reconnect with an old friend from the past, even if for only a short while.
~ to truly let go of something and wait to see if it would really come back one day is easier said than done.

- Slept in a shopping complex for 40 mins, completely oblivious to the loud, blaring music accompanying Chinese acrobats on stage as well as applause from the spectators. (Some 'light sleeper' I am, huh, Naddy? ;P) I still can't believe I did that. I must have been really pooped then.

- Had someone implied that I might be a hermaphrodite. (!?!?!?!?!?) Let me assure you, that I am a full-fledged WOMAN, thankyouverymuch.

- Fought off a dumbass on motorcycle who was harassing me on the street. If you see a skinny dude on a motosikal kapchai with the license plate BEE 452, run him down for me, will ya? I would if I could but I can't 'cos I don't drive.

- Lost 1.5 kg of body weight. Amazing or what? I guess the eat-sleep lifestyle suits me well... :P

Things I want to do during the hols but didn't get to yet:
- Play more futsal. Unfortunately, there has been a lack of WO-manpower.
- Karaoke session. I still wanna sing Everlasting Love with cheesy disco music accompaniment!
- Go on a trip away from home. To anywhere. A few days would do. I don't mind.
- Finish my cross-stitch project... which started during LAST YEAR'S semester break.

Conclusion of the hols so far: Pretty satisfying. :)

Hope yours are, too, peeps! Gong Xi Fa Cai! :D

At 4:05 AM, Blogger Rajinder said...

Hey, no problemo. Next time we go again, ok? I still tak puas hati with the wind. Hahaha.
Btw, check out my moblog at http://rajinder83.textamerica.com to see a pic of you flying the kite. Hehehe.

And enjoy your elective at Cleo. :D

At 12:35 AM, Blogger Ivy said...

Gawd,who ever say that ur less than a woman should go bang his head!!hahahaha yeankoon dear,im dying of laughter.how can anyone ever say that!!!!ah,and yeap,how true..easy to say ' lets wait to see if it comes back' but to really sit around and wait,hmmm really tough aint it.said it at the tagboard,but im saying it again,love ur pink thing. *hugs*


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