Sunday, October 31, 2004

Sky Captain to the Rescue!

We, as medical students, go through a whole lotta shit. And I am not just talking about the Gastrointestinal (GI) system we are currently learning. (ref to an extremely shitty post by Stylus... :P). And I am not just talking about collecting stool samples from patients in the future. The shit I’m talking about is much more personal (and NO, I am NOT talking about the ones we empty every morning/night, depending on the individual).

Before embarking on a medical career, ie beginning with med school, many have warned that it is one of the toughest professions among all. A lot of effort and hard work have to put in. Sacrifices would have to be made. That life after medical school would be even tougher. But most importantly, a future doctor MUST be committed to learning.

“I am always ready to learn; but I do not always like being taught.”—Sir Winston Churchill

But the demands of becoming the best could break a person sometimes. And when you are unprepared to face them, it hits you even harder. And then I cry.

“If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself up and try again.” – Try Again, Aaliyah

I am not ashamed to cry. Embarrassed, maybe, but I am only human. And I am only emo. :P But I genuinely feel that by breaking down, you get to reassess the original structure and later build a stronger, better foundation. Mistakes and not-so-good experiences are the best lessons one could ever receive.

Several months ago, I received this piece of advice from the ultimate reliable source:

“Study hard. Don’t worry about anything else. Everything would naturally fall into place.”

I guess ‘study hard’ means studying REALLY hard. I thought I was but at the back of my mind, I knew I really wasn’t. And yeah, being the worry-wart and control freak that I am, I fret about many things, things that won’t make much difference if I worry or not. I have to learn to let go and have more faith. It is something I remind myself to do everyday now.

But that’s okay. Because I know I am never alone. The Roommate shared this quote with me which I think some of you would recognise:

“...I know you are near. Standing always at my side. You guard me from the foe, and you lead me in ways everlasting.”

To the source of the very sound and practical advice: You are my courage under fire.

A nice 'shower' is always good after wading far in deep shit. Sure, I know I'm gonna wade in the pool of crap and get 'dirty' again but it feels nice to be 'clean' once in a while. After an eye- (and mind-) opening afternoon, I realise that I really have to buck up. But I was also already stressed out earlier that week (with the nonsense known as Mock OSCE). So it was off to the movies with one of my best friends. It wasn't just any movie we went to; this had Jude Law in it. Hehe.

Being a recent convert to Jude-ism, I haven't seen his previous movies (with the exception of Cold Mountain-- another lovely movie this one) but Sky Captain was definitely worth it. The gorgeous view of Mr Law, Gwyneth Paltrow's beautiful blonde locks, the corny but funny and cute script (I'm a fan of lawak poyo :P), the brilliant animation, the homage to the 30s, Jude Law, Jude Law's oh-so-hot British accent, Jude Law... it was RM10 extremely well spent. :)

I smiled, laughed, swooned... and now I'm rejuvenated and ready to be reacquainted with my new best friend! Who is it? I call him 'Dave' for short. ;)

Meet my new best friend!


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