Sunday, August 29, 2004

My Middle-Aged Country

I noticed that I could be a bit more patriotic than my friends sometimes. Maybe it’s because my very expensive medical education is currently being paid by the taxpayers (if it wasn’t, you wouldn’t find me here—I probably would have slogged my way through Form Six, hope that I did well and pray that I would get a place in a local university to do Medicine. If not, I still wouldn’t be here because my family wouldn’t be able to afford it. Goodness knows what I would be doing then. I shudder at that thought.) and let me assure you, I am working very hard to prove that I truly deserved it. I wanted to study overseas for the whole 5 years, but was disappointed that I got the twinning programme. Note that I used the word ‘was.’

Every day is an experience that is uniquely Malaysian. Heck, even my lil clique in school is known as the Barisan Nasional Trinity! ;P (coined by an observant backbencher. ;) ) And the choices of food available... yummm. So many ways to cook chicken-- Malay, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Western style, etc; each delicious and special in its own way. :P I once heard this on the radio: if there is at least one form of patriotism instilled in every Malaysian, it’s stomach patriotism. How true, hehe. I love the weather (though it gets a tad hot sometimes), I love it that our Chinatown has much more personality than the one in a particular Southern neighbouring country, and I love it that when I take a ride on the LRT, I am greeted with views of different kinds of buildings instead of flats, flats and more flats like the aforementioned neighbouring country.

Sure, Malaysia also has her fair share of flaws, but doesn’t every country?

And when that day comes when I have to leave this place for a while, I know I’ll probably bawl my eyes out in KLIA. I look forward to experiencing life in a foreign land, but I know I’ll miss my family and friends. And this place I call home. A LOT. Better enjoy the times here while I can. And I am. Despite the whole sh*tload of stress which comes with medical education, I am currently having the time of my life. :D (Thanks, y’all.)

I am bonded to the government for 10 years after graduating. But that’s okay.

Keranamu Malaysia. Happy 47th Birthday! :)

P/S- Amendment to the Schumi, Champion of The World mini post. I made a mistake. Schumi isn’t officially the World Champion yet. It was Ferrari that secured the Constructor’s title of the season. But, well, it’s just a matter of time, innit? ;)


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