Sunday, September 05, 2004


I am absolutely certain that Christina Aguilera did not have the school’s orientation in mind when she recorded this song. But it definitely was dirty. Literally.

I was one of the Station Masters for the tele-match. And boy, was it fun! I didn’t sign up for it, actually, but I did it as favour to substitute another person who couldn’t make it. But I’m glad I went. It was me, The Roommate (TR) and The Ex-Roommate (TXR) in charge of a station.

TR was initially hell-bent on ragging the Juniors after they failed to clean up after themselves after Variety Night. However, it was a reversal of roles between me and her when we reached there. I somehow morphed into a psycho drill sergeant and TR ended up as Ms Nice Gal. Both TR and TXR dubbed me as ‘BBQ Chicken’—Bossy, Bitchy Queen who wouldn’t stop making noise (clucking?) like a chicken. Hmm. Maybe I shouldn’t eat them too much. But chicken is so yummy. Anyway, I was yelling to my heart’s content. (“Hurry up lah! Why so slow? Don’t waste time!” “Why is it so quiet??!?! Cheer on your teammates lah!” “Woi! Keep the bottle behind the line! Not fair for the other team, okay?!?!”) And when the 2 teams were up for cheer fight, I would often stop them halfway and go, “What is this you are cheering? I can’t hear a word you’re saying! ARTICULATE your words properly! And LOUDER!” or when a group cheats and chants only 3 words over and over again (which is easier), “Eh, what’s this? 3 words only? Why is your vocabulary so limited? Do your proper cheer!” Yes, I know. A demented English professor, I was. :P

While all this was going on, TXR was in the background, steadily concocting a disgusting mixture of eggs, flour, sarsi and water. I was the loud, bitchy one. She was the quiet, sneaky one, pouring the evil-smelling liquid on their heads. Kekeke. My favourite forfeit for the losers was actually this: requesting for them to sing the national anthem loud and proud, full of expression. TXR and I were very proud and happy to see them so patriotic. ;P

I may have been bitchy, and the Juniors definitely left the station dirtier, but we weren’t mean. We removed any visible stones that could’ve injured them. (I remember hurting myself quite badly during my own orientation’s commando crawl. The sadistic bastard of a senior deliberately left eggshells in the mud. I still have the scars on my feet, knees and elbows. :( ) And we always cracked the eggs before hand instead of smashing them straight onto the person, which could be quite painful.

Towards the end of the whole thing, we were messing around with other fellow seniors and ended up incredibly filthy. I think I was almost as dirty as I was during my own orientation. It was a whole lot of fun, though! :)

You know, it actually felt very good yelling around, acting like I’m some kinda, erm, ‘boss’. Hehehe. ;P Must be all the unresolved tension accumulated before the RS Assessment. But then I shouldn’t feel too amused and turn this into a bad habit. Guys don’t dig ganas chicks. And I have no intention whatsoever of dying an old maid. (“The horrors!!!”) Thank goodness for Futsal—a fun, legitimate way to release all pent-up stress and aggression.

It’s fun getting down and dirty once in a while. ;)

At 9:34 PM, Blogger Acidulous said...

hmm... it is so strange ehh... I never know u have that wild side of u ehh hahahaha... Better don't judge a book by it cover ehh ahahahaa

At 11:44 AM, Blogger comic_crisis said...

YK is a sadist. Deep, deep inside, she knows that to torture ppl gives her pleasure.


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