Sunday, July 25, 2004

Pointless Update of The Day

As I was watching Sophia Coppola's 'Lost In Translation' (which is a very good movie, btw. It didn't make it to my favourite movies list-- the script was only so-so, I felt. However, it was a nice bit of storytelling about two individuals who are at the point of lives where they ask themselves, "What's the point?" and somehow came together and found a kindred spirit in each other. It wasn't much of a comedy as it was tagged, I felt. I think the gags were supposed to be the culture-shock/-clash scenes, which aren't really funny. And THAT reminded me of 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' which was supposed to be a comedy too. Most people I know also didn't find it really funny. Maybe it's because we are already exposed to many different cultures, and we know that it's RUDE to laugh at different cultural practices. You can tell a lot about a person's/country's mentality just by their movie tastes... But I digress. The direction and cinematography were pretty good as well. Thus, I enjoyed the film, not like the complete-waste-of-time, Scary Movie 2. ) last night after updating myblog, I was tapping my tummy, practicing my percussion technique.

And suddenly I realised that I got it right. Yay.

After one whole day.

Damn SLOW, man!

But at least now I got it right. :)  Better late than never, hehe.

Thus ends today's pointless update. Thank you for your time.


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