Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Down the Rabbit-Hole

Ever wondered why bunnies mate so frequently? It’s probably because they didn’t have much interesting things to do, so “Hey! Why not propagate the species AND have fun at the same time?”
The 27 of us did NOT mate. (“Ewww...”) However, we did a lot of the activity bored people usually do: go to Lala Land.
In the daytime...

In the night-time...

Actually, it wasn’t THAT bad. As Alice had discovered many enchanting and interesting happenings in her adventure after going down the rabbit-hole, so did we. Perhaps, not as enchanting but still interesting, nevertheless.
For starters, we already got lost before reaching the place. Our nice, friendly driver thought it was on another route, so he drove past the bus, drove at a speed he was more comfortable with (the bus was moving quite slowly), paid RM8.60 worth of toll, and then we waited. And waited. Then we waited somemore. As the 5 of us waited in the car, 2 of ‘em were telling stories to keep ourselves entertained. And we waited.
After waiting for 20 minutes...
“Eh, where’s the bus ah?”
“You know lah, the bus drive damn slow. Wait for a while lah.”
After another 20 minutes...
“What happened to the bus lah?”
“Maybe it crashed...” (someone said in a small voice)
“Eh, all our friends are in there!”
Called up our other driving friends. Turns out that they took another exit (which cost them only RM3.30) and are driving through trunk roads to get to the rabbit-hole. So we all have to tour around a neighbouring rabbit-hole first, then only we arrived at the right place. Lawaks. Anyway, thanks again to Daniel, our nice, friendly driver for driving us all safely to and around the rabbit-hole. I owe you lunch! 
Our nice, friendly driver
As mentioned earlier, the place was not so bad after all. I was expecting much worse, honestly speaking. It has old-looking buildings (like the ones you see in Melaka) but there were quite a few of modern-looking buildings too. The town area is the only place we could get food... this particular Chinese restaurant has very delicious food. And it’s cheap too. The Guiness Stout chicken, the Champagne Pork Ribs, the Assam Fish (to name a few dishes), were fabulous. The Roommate was hankering for the last piece of Guiness Stout chicken so I gave mine to her. She thought it was an occasion that should be commemorated and recorded on camera. Sigh. :)  And after dinner, we would always hang out at ‘the most happening place in ***’ for cheap but very yummy waffles and ice-cream.

One person did not pack casual shoes/ slippers and was forced to wear his formal shoes everywhere he went. He bought a pair of el cheapo slippers the very first night, after deciding that he looks incredibly ridiculous wearing the leather shoes with a pair of bermudas. Err... wasn’t that fact kinda obvious, even BEFORE wearing them together?... Just teasing, friend... ;P

We played Risk for 3 nights in a row. It became like an addiction of some sort. It’s an excellent board game, really. It requires a lot strategising and thinking, as well as luck. Mr Formal Shoes won the first night, second night was moi, and third night was won by this particular Risk kaki:

Watched ‘Scary Movie 2’ at another house. I thought the spoof on ‘The Exorcist’ at the beginning of the movie was very funny but that was it. I guess by the first 15 minutes of the movie, I was already desensitised by its lameness. I felt as though all electrical activities in my brain were suspended within the 80 minutes.
On the last day, the temporary housemates and I went to check out the stream within the mini jungle opposite our house which was supposedly 100m away. Hmmph. 100m, my foot. I didn’t really mind getting there, to tell the truth (unlike The Roommate who was complaining all the way) but it was the destination that got on my nerves. Giant jungle mosquitoes almost immediately attacked us when we arrived. I took a few pics and that was it. I have no patience whatsoever for mosquitoes. The idea of climbing Gunung Tahan for the coming elective was quickly chucked out of the window.

It’s great to hang out and bond with people I don’t usually do back in school. People say that we can only know a person’s true nature by living with them, but overnight trips like this definitely provide a good glimpse. I was pleasantly surprised by many of my batchmates, of how nice, friendly, fun and generous they can be. Not all of them were as described, though. ‘Nuff said.
Down the rabbit-hole... it wasn’t magical at all. But it was most definitely educational.
P/S- the whole hospital bit was fun and interesting too. Learned quite a bit. Saw 2 deliveries... it was the only experience that was remotely magical. I didn’t realise how big the vaginal opening could dilate for the baby to come out. Sure, I’ve read about it, but seeing it before my eyes, the baby coming out of the body, was just... incredible (“I love you, Mummy!”). In fact, it was so BLOODY amazing, it literally took the breath away of one of us... which left him sprawling on the floor. *snicker*
Toodles! ;P

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