Sunday, July 11, 2004

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Or rather, on a school bus. Will be leaving for a rabbit-hole on the edge of The State for a whole week to gain some mandatory experience. Ah wells. At least there'll be 26 other people with me.

Jamie Cullum will be down in Singapore for a showcase gig on July 16. No performance in Malaysia. Sigh. Singapore is only a coupla hours drive away, right? But you see, I'll still be stuck in the rabbit-hole. Double sighs.

Kimi Raikkonen is back! Got 2nd place in the British GP... woo hoo! My Schumi won, of course. Absolutely fantastic race. Kimi, at one point, was putting Schumi under pressure. The Ferrari pit-stop strategy worked brilliantly as always. Ross Brawn is a genius. And Schumi just drove flat out-- qualifying-style laps all the way, man. I just admire his focus power. If I could focus as well as him when I study... I am so glad that Kimi is back on the podium. He's a really cool dude. When Schumi retires, I shall pledge my allegiance to him. BTW, I heard on the radio that Ron Dennis (McLaren boss) has had talks with Mika Hakkinen (retired super driver-- the only one who could give Schumi a run for his money) about Mika's possible comeback. If that is true... F1 will be more awesome than ever (now that McLaren's MP4-19B is finally competitive).

On a totally unrelated note, anybody feeling like a goat lately? Fancy munching on charred paper shaped like a stick? It's a trifle expensive, though.

See you in a bit.

At 6:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm back!! Been trying to call you...still don't have a mobile number just yet, I got up at 4:30pm today...hahaha! Oh well. Call me back, are you in some sort of hole still? I got one of you CDs, kinda ran out of money to get u the rest. But, I can get u CDs in Singapore, so tell me again which ones you want. Will call you again still.



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