Wednesday, July 07, 2004

A New Start, A New Blog

Hello people. How are you doing? Looks like I just jumped into the blogging band wagon, huh? Not quite true. I've been blogging for about a year already, but none of you coursemates knew about it (or the URL) save for one person, ie The Roommate. Why not? 'Cos I was bit embarassed to let you guys read it, actually. The content of Fliegender Zirkus Version 1.0 was a bit too private and embarassing for public reading. For example, the way I gushed about Clay Aiken. OMG. You'd think that the blog belonged to a 11-year-old girl who just hit puberty. And the weird, inane stuff I post up sometimes. Like how I banged my toe during Futsal and it turned purple. Or how I once dreamt that Quentin Tarantino is a pirated VCD peddler. (Don't ask me how I could dream until so canggih-fied.)

But you know what? Since you guys are my friends, and I love my friends very much, why not share my thoughts and feelings online with y'all? And oh yeah. Since I had unwittingly allowed my stalker to read it, why not you guys? You guys are harmless... right? And I already edited out some bits which I thought not suitable for public consumption, so if you decided that the crap I write is actually worth your time reading, and the sentences seem disjointed, the Censorship Board aka MOI had a hand on it.

Speaking of Censorship Board, the Malaysian one is so bodoh-fied. My main grouse is the censorship on both Spiderman and Spiderman 2. Why-lah they have to censor the kiss between Mary-Jane Watson and Peter Parker? In the first movie, the upside-down kiss was so nice and imaginative, and the 2nd kiss in Spiderman 1 was important and significant as to giving a clue to Mary-Jane about Spiderman's identity. In Spiderman 2, they happily showed Mary-Jane kissing her fiance but when it's Peter Parker's turn to kiss her... CENSORED! And it was so bloody romantic somemore. Stupid!! As you can tell, I like watching kissing scenes in the movies. I think they're very nice and sweet. But not in the pornorific context. Or when Asians kiss. I dunno why, but when I watch Asians make out on tv (you know, one of those Cantonese/Taiwanese/Korean series) it feels like I'm watching porn= YUCKS. Double standard, I know.

Spiderman 2 totally rocks! If any of you haven't watch it, get your heavy butt off the chair now and go to the cinema near you!! This time, we get to see more of Peter Parker the person as he struggles with his inner demons. He began to experience self-doubt, which I so totally could relate to due to a very recent experience, and we get to see him weigh his options and sort out the priorities in his life. The action sequences were fab.. and Tobey Maguire is so cute! Peter Parker is such a hot geek! I dunno why but I sorta have a thing for hot geeks... For eg, Ryan Phillippe. My girl friends thought he was oh-so-hot in 'Cruel Intentions' but I didn't even bat an eyelash. But I was practically drooling over him when he acted as Milo the hacker in 'Antitrust', messy hair and glasses and all. Hot geeks are the best! ;P

Okay, I can see that I have regressed to my pre-pubescent self... better stop now. Goodbye. :)

If you still rajin/too bored and wanna read my old blog , go ahead lah. ;P


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