Friday, July 09, 2004

How Bizarre

Remember this song? It’s quite a nice, fun summer song released by the one-hit wonder (this song was the only hit), OMC. I think it was released back in ’96 or ’97.

Anyway, The Roommate and one of The Housemates and I went to Sg Wang Plaza yesterday for some retail exercise. The Roommate was craving for a California Roll so we decided to eat at this place called the Sushi Station which is located at the T-Hop Zone (kononnya some hip and trendy zone for teens) at the 6th floor. En route to this place we passed by these two eating places which had this message-leaving notice boards. At first we thought they were messages to look for a place stay or something, but the messages on them turned out to be quite bizarre.

The messages were pathetic and desperate in nature. Basically it’s the Lame-O version of personal ads. And they’d leave their hp numbers for people to call or sms them. Some were looking for one night stands (“Sex—cannot be kayu.Must be very experienced!!” or “Don’t worry, I dun have AIDS!!”) but this particular message stood out as the most bodoh-fied:

“I can be your lover.
Oso (sic) I can be your brother!”

What kind of sick, incestuous relationship is this fella looking for?

The ones here are less lame and more innocent in nature. There are more of dedications to friends/family... one girl related her experience donating blood in her college (ICSI—what college is that?). She donated her blood, fainted and the kind doctor on duty helped her regain consciousness... and ‘twas love at first sight. Or maybe not. But she has the hots for him-lah. And the next time her college had a blood donation drive, the same doctor was there. But she didn’t want to donate blood again because she didn’t wanna faint in front of him. End of note. If you guys happen to be in Sg Wang any day, go check out the notice boards and have a good laugh.

We went into this collector’s toy shop too (also on 6th floor) and I encountered these bizarre dolls for the very first time:

Scary-ness! I wouldn’t want to have them anywhere in my house. They just look positively evil! They look much scarier in real life, honestly. And the shop was dim. I could just imagine them coming to life at night, with a kitchen knife in one hand, going on a stabbing rampage. Ini semua Puppet Master and Child’s Play punya pasal. You know what? I never watched Child’s Play in my life. I just saw the trailer when I was in Std 2 or Std 3 and already it scared the shit outta me. To make things worse, I just so happened to own a doll similar to the one in the movie (her name was.. *ahem* Sabrina :P) and my bro cleverly told me that she’s actually Chuckie’s cousin and that she’ll come after me if I piss her off. I quickly put my doll away in the drawer but I kept an eye on the drawer for a looooong time before falling asleep for many nights... Funny-ness. :)

Goodbye. :)

At 12:44 PM, Blogger Sheena said...

Ohmigosh, I didn't know that there were accompanying poems for those living dead dolls... I remember thinking the caskets was kinda cool, but you're right... those dolls are majorly creepy.
And what your brother did was pretty clever... beats the prank I played on my bother and sister when I floated a balloon covered over with a white sheet into their room just as they were waking up at dawn. Chuckie's cousin... gotta remember that one! :)

At 1:42 PM, Blogger Sheena said...

And NOW I remembered what I was supposed to blog about... the dolls! The Living Dead Dolls! But you'be done it already... so I guess I'll just direct people to your page... *evil grin*


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